04 March 2012

C21 and Cincycon

Well after a long dry spell I got back into it. The Dayton Ohio convention
Cincycon was yeld recently. I hosted Dave S. (Naval Gazing) Taiwan vs.
China scenario. My daughter even helped...

After a 2 hour drive I arrived and setup the scenario....

 ....to find the first 20min no one had signed up to play. I was lucky a fellow
gamer Jim Yencer happened to arrive and wanted to play. The scenario
therefore was scrapped and I turned it into a game I could play in. I pitted
3 Chinese J-8, and 1 Su-27 vs. 2 Taiwanese Mirage 2000, and 2 Ching-Kuo.

This shows the bases, missile markers, manuever cubes, and speed chits. The
furball came down to the duel of...

(okay its a F16, I proxied it). All pilots were average. I also decreased the special
manuever DR #s, I felt they were a bit too high. The plane data cards I made
has 4 planes with all applicable data in a 8x5in layout. This reduces tabletop paperwork.
I used the free download program Page Plus by Serif. I converted the game to
hexes awhile ago.

Overall this scenario made me rethink things. I typically run Vietnam scenarios where
the planes were running around at 6-8 (hexes). This one average was 13. I forgot
ECM and the effects on missile locks. Plus with aircraft with average High to Extreme
maneuverability, I have to rework the hex equivalent.

This game allowed me to (finally) play and brush off the rust. Will I run more C21 games?
Maybe. A gamer from the St. Louis area Ray Runge hosted about 6 C21 games at
Origins last year. He said only 1 game had players.

I will be hosting another 1/600 naval game at the Pro or Con event in Michigin soon.


  1. Jim,

    Sorry to hear that no one turned up for the game. I've had that happen several times and it always discourages me from wanting to do more games.

    Do you think it was the modern jet subject or just air games in general that no one was interested in?

    I'm thinking about running a AirWarC21 game at Enfilade, but I might test the waters to see if would be of any interest before submitting it.

  2. Sorry to hear that, too. What I have found so far concerning C21 is that so long as all the stats are ready, its pretty easy for people to jump into a game. My non-gaming buddy and nephew seemed to pick things up pretty well.


  3. Dave,
    I don't feel it's the genre. The CY6 modern supplement seems
    to attract players. I try to make the minis and game have some
    attraction to it. Good idea to see who is at least interested.

    Your right, a semi comfortable player can easily handle 4 planes. During the late 70s to 80s we all noticed how many
    mini rules HAD to be simulation vice game rules. That relaxed
    only IMO to sloowly come back.