30 December 2010

Flaklighter Game

Having a game of Flaklighter at the local hobby store. The boyz from Lima, OH are
traveling down to play. Some pictures with my new camera (thanks to the
Commanding Officer). Good way to end the year!

VP Trawler


Siebel Ferry

24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Everyone take care, have a good holiday. I'm sick (figures before Xmas)

04 December 2010

Table Talk

Not alot of gaming going on. I have been hinted of a new camera from Santa. This
of course means Santa HAS to be alot more cheerful to "she who will not be
named". That's ok, I pre-ordered 20 B-24s for my Ploesti game. This means
saving money since this is a big chunk of change.

My first game day will be in Feb at "Battle Crossroads" in Cambridge, OH. I
will host a 1/300 (C21 rules) Vietnam game as well as a 1/600 (Flaklighter II rules)
Sboat vs. Vospers game. Long day indeed.

Has anyone out there played "The Awful Green Things from Outer Space"?
Well of course someone in the UK made it into a miniature game. I like the
off beat games which are great for after hours at cons when your mind is
a bunch of slime.

Soon I will price the materials for making a Terrain Cloth. I will be making it
for my air and land games. For the paint I will use the line of Apple Barrel
and like paints you get at Joanns or Michaels. You get alot and their cheap.
Not only will it be painted but I will add certain terrain to add the 3D look.
I will follow this with pictures.