14 January 2011

Table Talk

For those of you that goto gaming cons, what game do you play?

1. Learn rules you bought that has not been used?
2. Play the period you like?
3. Learn a new set of rules?
4. Don't matter, I wanna push lead!
5. Play a game you always host, yet never get to play.
6. Play what I already play
7. Boy, that looks fun!
8. Experience a new period?
9. The one with the knockout terrain and minis?
10. The one that your friend/gaming group is hosting?
11. Anything but the "flavor of the year"
12. Any other game that's not hosting by him/her!

Things I was thinking about. I try to host games that I like and scenarios that you locally
don't see alot of. I love going to cons and just looking at all the games. I always say
"now that's a great idea" for something.

Flaklighter II game

Due to life's conflicts the game has been delayed, probably till Feb.

10 January 2011

Upcoming Cons & Games

19 Feb: Battle at the Cross Roads (OH)- Hosting a 1/300 C21 Vietnam Air war game,
             possibley a 1/600 Flaklighter II scenario. Hope to see the MOGG crew again.

19 Mar: CincyCon (OH)- Hosting another 1/300 C21 Vietnam Air war game,
              possibley a 1/600 Flaklighter II scenario. Hope John L. can finally play a game.

26 Mar: Battlefields (MI)- Probably going as a player. I may run only a morning game
              due to the 5+ hours of driving. If so the PT game, I feel there are enough
              flight games there.

In between, the Lima boyz and MOGG crew gaming at various places.

Once I get the Pac supplement for Luft 46, I plan to start a small scenario for local

03 January 2011

Table Talk

Ok, its 2011 and what to do.

1. Round out 1/600 Coastal scenarios for Pac, Med, Channel, and even Baltic.
    Rules: Flaklighter II mod
2. Finish the 1/300 Vietnam air field
    Rules: C21 Air War mod
3. Make a scenario for 1/700 modern naval
    Rules: Bulldogs Away (thanks Dave S.)
4. Slooowly work on 1/300 Ploesti project
    Rules: Squadron series (thanks Tom S.)
5. Put together miniatures/terrain for Normandy Jun-Aug 44' in 10mm
    Rules: BKC II (need to play to learn)
6. Finish 1/300 Falkland scenario
    Rules C21 Air War mod

And "maybe" do:

1. 3-Muskeeters bar scenario in 40mm
    Rules: Swashbuckler
2. Scenario for Normandy in 20mm
    Rules: I don't know, alot of new ones out there to try.

Of course all of this is set in warm jello.

01 January 2011

Flaklighter Game

The game went very well. Jim and Joe (IHOG group) came down from Lima.

Jim 'Gotta stay away from that damned 88 gun"

Fairmiles and Eboats buzzing around!
A torpedo wake is traveling towards
the far VP Trawler.

It took 4 Brit torpedoes to take down the German VP trawler. Three duds!
The Vosper (after losing the bridge) rammed the VP. Vosper sank, VP
needed paint. Alot of steering damage and lucky hits.  Many boats were
over 50% damaged. Overall it was a small German victory, we didn't
sink the Siebel Ferrys. One sunk Trawler to 3 Brit MTBs sunk.

We are refining the hex version of the rules. Detection is a major part
yet major playing problem.