25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

<Hello all. As I look out the window and view a snow covered lawn, layered
in 13 deg temperature, I reflect on 2013. I have not done squat! Mid year my
job changed to being a "road warrior" almost 5 days a week. This makes
motivation for the hobby slim. I will say I started to paint this week, a 28mm
German infantrymen. Wow, talk about starting from ground ZERO. I have also
undertaken the grim task of cleaning and organizing my basement. I wonder
why I keep those hobby magazines from the 70's??

Oh well, happy Holiday to all

06 October 2013

With a recent introduction to Bolt Action I have decided to work on terrain first. Jungle terrain first, then the Normandy hedgerow. I have made a number of purchases via Amazon for aquarium grass mats which offer alot of plants for a good price. Palm trees also have been purchased, and there not the birthday cake specials. (they are good for 15mm, but IMO too small for 28mm). The stands are either 3" x 2" plywood, or stainless steel washers. I hot glued the plants onto the bases. (You quickly appreciate how hot the glue gets when it gets on your fingers). I then applied Durhams Water putty, then lightly dashed some sand and pebbles. I will flock later when dried. I only purchased plants that don't look too "over bearing" in size.

08 September 2013

Views of: Bolt Action game, I was Marines; All Things Zombie; Gutshot, Western game; Dropzone Commander; Dr. Who--Damn those rocketmen! All games run at charity event Battlefield of Dice

01 September 2013

General Comments

Wow, March? I have a nice lull in work travel in a few months. I have not picked up a paint brush since then. I recently hosted 2 games at Battlefield of Dice game day in Massillon Ohio. This was the first time for this game day, adding to it was 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. There were ACW, Western, Zombie, WW2, Sci Fi games available. Alas only a very few players showed up. Since I had no players, I gamed in a Bolt Action Pacific and Dr. Who game. Both of which I never gamed. I had a great time, I hope the player base increases. The two games I supported with were Flaklighter II and Kamikaze 1946. I realize since CY6 came about, my Air War C21 and K46 rules have had very little interest. One game I participated in was a Dr. Who scenario. I had FUN. Even though the dice gods were angry with me, it was enjoyable. It made me think of putting a fun game vice "historical/modern" versed. I have thought about a Godzilla type game. Oh now, who doesn't remember the old Godzilla movies when we were younger? Suprisingly, there are quite a few rules out there. The other set is "It came from Beyond the Still" rules. You have to love the title. Hillbillies vs. Aliens can spark some creative scenarios.

02 March 2013

Bulldogs Away Scenario

Today at Cincycon I hosted Dave S. North vs South Korean naval
scenario. Thanks to Burton Cambell who joined the game, yes was
the only player. Interesting facts about Burton, he has been gaming
only 2 years, hosted a Dr. Who game the night before AND was
in North Korea this year.....so he took North and me South.
The inital 3 to 4 turns were figuring out blips from targets. The picture
below is my grand creation.

The blip is the black counter. The counter was made from a popsicle
craft sticks painted. The number reflects an ID. When a blip is detected
it goes to the green side (same number). When visually seen, the
miniature is put on the table. The mini is a 1/600 Yugoslavian vessel
converted to a fishing vessel by PTDockyard.
On the table was 6 fishing vessels, 4 South, 2 North. The North player
elected which trawler was assisting the spy vessel. At turn 4 all minis
were on the table, and me the South player elected to fire first. (what
a troublemaker!).

This pic shows the line of NK vessels with my lonely vessel under gunfire
attack (splashes) and torpedo attack. It didn't last long. My other vessels
were on the other side of the table, too far away to help. Overall I lost
1 vessel with another heavily damaged. The North lost 2 with others damaged.
We had to stop due to time. The spy vessel was fixed last turn but would have
passed by 3 undamaged SK patrol ships, which was its doom. Since I fired
first, I was was also doomed as a captain.

Overall I had fun, so did Burton. I am thinking of running this scenario again
in the future.

24 February 2013

Bulldogs Away

  Yesterday we had a Bulldogs away game using Dave S. N.Korean scenario on
the Naval Gazing blog. It was mainly a learning game and playtest for the upcoming
convention game at CincyCon 2013.
  The NK sub sank a vessel but was sunk by the helo. Two more SK vessels sank
due to gunfire. Due to interesting damage rolls I had sunk only 1 of 8 NK vessels
but wiped out all weapons/speed capability on 5 others.
  The variable damage levels are neat. The detection rules are good, somewhat
cumbersome initial turns due to large number of counters on table.
I posted on the Yahoo Narrow Seas group for questions on the rules.

I was told one person pre-registered for the game, which is better than the Air
War C21 game last convention.

06 January 2013

Modern Naval

I was introduced to "Snapshot", a set of 1/700 based modern ASW rules.
Website at Leeds Wargames Club at: http://snapshotmodernsub.webs.com/

It looks FUN, so I dug out my stash of 1/700 models. I will use the same bases
as my C21 Air War game. First I find the center of gravity, then glue a rare earth
magnet (large) inside. I will use plexiglass rods for the ships since they are at
a static depth. The bases for them will be larger and thicker base washers. Many
1/700 models are cheap. There is an exception though, Combrig models has
many resin ships & subs BUT at a huge price. I plan to add dipping helos, sonobouys,
underwater explosions (geeky yes). In any case it gives me a chance to build
models again.
    Thanks to the Massillon area gamers: http://www.massillonareawargamers.com/  who added to the rules.