07 April 2015

C21 Air War Vietnam Defense

Finished the AA hexes representing 37mm and greater. With a few more 1/300 planes
to order I will be complete with this range.

The larger bases are 1.5" Litko with MSD games AA base hexes. The guns are
various 1/300 Heroics and Ross AA guns.

05 April 2015

C21 Air War Vietnam

Slowly getting things done.

 MSD Games Target Terrain, although only 1in, I placed them on a Litko 1.5in

I used MSD Games Target Terrain, although only a 1" hex, I placed
them onto a 1.5" Litko hex.

A "jungle" hex. I purchased the Litko 1.5" hex mat that you spray paint
and the hex line holes leaves a pattern. The problem is after the first spray
it cover up the clear sheet so you cannot see underneath anymore.
The base is a scrubby pad with flock atop. Yeah its fluff but I will have the
NVAF player use it as a table reference for hidden AAA sites.

Finishing on my a/c base stands to accommodate the 2 die holder.
I upgraded with I-94's spherical magnet.

31 January 2015

Air War Support

I have been busy with work for the new year. Recently I have focused on completing
my 1/600 WW2 and 1/300 Vietnam air collection.

The base stands has Dave's (from I94 miniatures) round magnetics to simulate any
attitude of flight. This really adds to the look of the planes "in flight". I like using
the C21 Air War rules but have looked at and like Dave's Phantom rules.

My Vietnam era will have these target hexes. They are 1.5" hexes from Litko with Marty's
MSDGames target terrain hexes. I plan on making city, jungle and mountain hexes but
more 2D so flight stands can easily balance upon them.

18 January 2015

2015 Plans

Last year was a bust for gaming, only twice. This month I played a Chain
of Command game! My "plan" is to have ALL my 1/600 ships based and
painted and ALL my 1/300 Vietnam air planes done by June. Notice the
word "all". I have narrowed my interests to:

28mm: Normandy and Pacific (Bolt Action/Chain of Command)
            Modern Skirmish (Force on Force)
            Japan Skirmish (Ronin)
10mm: Normandy (my new 6mm, not sure on operational rules yet)
6mm:  WW2 Air (Luftwaffe 1946 series)
            Modern Air (C21 Air War, toying with Phantoms)
Naval: 1/600 coastal (Flaklighter II, Action Stations II)
            1/700 modern (Bulldogs Away)
            1/2400 (not sure on rules)

Project: 1/300 Ploesti (Tom Sparhawks game I played years ago, loved it)

Since I only have the weekends, I had to scale down.