14 April 2012

Barracks Battles

Planning on hosting an Air War C21 game at Barrack Battles in June at Collinsville IL.
I may also host a 1/600 Flaklighter game. I plan to play in the Luft46 and a C21 game.
Booked the hotel and bringing the family.

08 April 2012

Table Talk

The 1/600 English Channel game at Pro or Con was a success. I had 4 players with
a variety of onlookers. My thanks to players who attended.

I just arrived from a weeks worth of business training and family vacation to
West Palm Beach Florida. It was indeed nice but the drive was looong= 2600 miles.

The next local gaming con is Drums at the Rapids in Perrysburgh OH on 19 May.
This is also the same day as my wedding anniversary.........I know you guys had
a quick thought of "maybe I can"......yeah right.