13 December 2014

Laser cut Terrain

I received my 4ground tree bases.

The pic below shows 2 sets of tree bases. Each small tree stand is about $1.40.
Large is about $1.90.

 The tree bases can accommodate a nice sized tree:

Shipping is a flat $16, from ordering 1 to 10+. These tree stands would be nice in
the middle of the table so you can easily remove trees to place miniature stands.
Speaking of more laser cut terrain, my Sarissa Prec farm house:
Around the entire interior I place a line of PVA glue between the wall and floor to
strengthen it. Between 4ground and Sarissa, the buildings are nice enough for me.

07 December 2014

Laser Cut Buildings

I posted a pic of the Sarissa Prec farmhouse I purchased for $23. The assembly was
easy using wood glue. I did use toothpicks at the inside corners to reinforce the
structure. I wonder in a club environment how durable are these buildings? In my
Normandy related scenarios, I feel on a 4x8 ft table, I will only need about 4 buildings
max. I still want to scratch build some buildings. Cost would be lower, time higher
yet I have time...

02 December 2014

Jungle Work

Slowly working on the jungle scenery:
Nice bamboo trees, came about 50 per bag. Mounted them on a Litko 2" circle base.

Tree stands built so far

Sarissa Precision Farm house, easy to put together. Cheaper than the 4Ground buildings.