14 March 2012

C21 Air War Turn

I made a very crude yet playable turn marker for C21. Since I use circular bases
it was easy to make. I glued the drawn template atop a piece of cardboard.

Just put the marker and turn to the turning rate. Simple. I have an idea for
square bases, soon to follow. I have considered building the "In Harms
Way" scenario from Larry's Game Room website (I think now gone). Recent
decline in local and convention players dampens that idea.

I have ordered some N.Korean ships from PT Dockyard for Dave S. scenario
in the Naval Gazing website.


  1. So you are no longer using a hex-based approach to the game?

  2. Hello Chris, yes I still do. I'm making it flexible
    for both. I will admit I have to re-think the hex
    based turn rates.