25 November 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all, especially military personnel overseas in combat

18 November 2010

Flight Game Fluff

I love tabletop markers that are suited for the game. IMHO it brings a bit of
visual appeal ie. eye candy to the game.
Photo redone with new camera.
Various C21 Markers
My flight games markers:
Missile flight marker
Engine damage marker
SAM launch
SAM Explosion

The cloud is a plastic sheet base with cotton balls then the fluffy
filler stuff atop. A wooden dowel is the peg to a fender washer.

The missile marker is an alligator clip attached to a pipe cleaner with a CinC
1/285 missile. I did find later: http://www.fightsonstore.com/ who sells alot of
cool things.

The engine damage is an alligator clip with furnace filter

The parachute is a plastic cap (work related) atop wire to an old GW flight stand.

SAM launch is a fender washer with a slotted hex, attached with pipe cleaner to
another CinC SA-N-2 miniature.

SAM Explosion is all the same except for painted furnace filter.

The main reason I goto conventions is to see how other's make/do things, terrain
especially. I have no problems in showing people how I do things, I have rarely
met a person who kept their ideas a "state secret". A superb website for ideas
things to make you go WOW is:
Don't you wish those convention were within driving distance?? I'd get divorced....

My next BIG flight game project is to make a painted mat with a hex imprint. A good
example is: http://ilovewargameing.21.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2091 and
http://www.metroeastgaming.org/hex.htm on how to make your own hexex.

17 November 2010

Table Talk

The HMGS-MW Spring 2010 newsletter had a good article on "How to run a
convention Game". For players and refs it has many good points. The better
point is "How to put a muzzle on jerks". Oh we have all seen that. I would like
to see an article on "How to play a convention Game". IMHO if you play a game,
whether you liked it or not, thank the host. It's obvious if you liked it. If you didn't
then thank him for hosting the game then say "Maybe you can do this next time,
or I noticed some problems here". Always tell him after a game and make it
constructive. Alot of gamers don't step up to the plate and host a game. I put
alot of prep in a game, I do miss things though.

Speaking of hosting games, I "plan" to goto:

1. Spartacon-Jan
2. Crossroads-Feb
3. Cincycon-Mar
4. Battlefields-Mar

I will host my 1/600 Coastal warfare, 1/300 Modern Air Vietnam and Falklands.
Maybe I can get the WW2 air game going with Luft '46. Yes, I know alot of people
play CY6, but I like the rules. I looked at the modern version, I enjoy C21. Rule
#1: If your comfortable with the rules, then stick with them. If others don't like
it, ok.

I am "officially" starting a 40mm Three Musketeers game. I saw on the UK site:
http://www.hornchurchwgc.co.uk/index.html an excellent eye candy game. Made me
go and buy the 4 Musketeers DVD (Raquel Welch).....really the swordplay......
Yes, yes shiny penny, I'm a gamer. Eureka Miniatures has them, but the $15
air freight is hefty.

My local hobby info'd me I can buy their last copy of GW Space Hulk. Whaaat
you say!? I normally don't play nor buy GW (only have 1 job), but the content
is something I have always liked...space bugs. Loved Starship Troopers till
it disappeared. Funny though, of the many people who bought the box, NO
one has hosted it at the store. Hmmm

16 November 2010

C21 Air War

2 inbound A-4s meet a flak welcome
 A pic of the game eye candy I made.
We have flak bursts, engine
fire, and target hexes.

C21 Update

Litko stand with Manvr cubes.
Barrel Roll, (Failed) Split S

The pic shows my 1/300 scale A-4 atop a Litko
flight stand. The flight stand was a "WoW Dual

Fire Arc Basesmodified for the 15°, 30°, and
90° arcs.

This was for the table top play, for hex I thought it
was not practical but it works. Ok, a little overhang
as you can see. (Sorry for the bad pic, my good
camera met my 3yr old and lost badly). The peg is
4" tall. The die cubes are the special manuevers in
the game. I put all the manuevers on 2 cubes.

When time the player only puts the cube on the flight stand.
Why the red one?

That's when they fail the manuever, speed changed due to manvr are done at
the end of the turn sequence. Kinda a visual reminder. I bought blank white dice
and printed the Manvr on printer labels and cut to size.

The mini is attached to the peg via a "rare earth" magnet. They do work well.


14 November 2010

C21 Air War

I am converting over the rules to a hex based map system. I was very hesitant to do this
due to the $$ I spent at Litko for custom flight stands. After some pondering, the 15°
turns is a bit too detailed. Also the is it 13 or 22°?. What I want is a modern
air game that can handle many planes per player. I feel C21 is good
for a semi-operational game vice tactical.

Flaklighter Scenario

I hosted the Flaklighter scenario at Games Day in Toledo. It was the first time
I played and hosted the game. (There is always a first). I had planned to do
a map based hidden movement. I changed this prior to the game and placed
all ship on the table. Players had a good time.
1. Torpedoes used by both sides, but missed
2. An 88mm shell makes a Vosper 70' into 70' of splinters.
3. A Flaklighter is tough.

Next scenario is Pac based, Dave G. told me a good scenario to use.