28 May 2011

Flaklighter Game

Ran the Pac scenario at Drum in Ohio. It was on a 4x8' hex cloth, one side was a jungle
shoreline. The scenario was US Naval intelligence heard a very important cargo referred
to as "Rice Petal" was being transfered by barge to a local port for transfer to a seaplane
base. They figured it was the area admiral in charge. Four PT boats were dispatche to
take care of the this. The Japanese had around 13 Daihatsu barges in a "convoy". These
were escorted by 2 armed barges and a T-51 gunboat. There was also a shore gun
The game started with 2 PT boats waiting off the shoreline wondering where their other
2 comrades were (delayed). Finally they spotted the barges but was unaware of T-51.
They rev'd up the engines and advanced forward. The barges immediately detected them.
Due to bad rolls on both sides, the T-51 and a PT was only 150yards away when they
detected each other. Tracer filled the air! The 2 delayed PTs slowly crept in the area,
totally unaware of friend or foe. Of course they had bad detection rolls also and found
themselves within 300yds of the front of the barge convoy. More tracers, a PT boat is
afire making it a big bullet catcher.
This activity makes a patrolling DD very interested. With the PT boats taking damage but
sinking barges, they are unaware of the DD until a starshell lights up, then another next turn.
Due to pre-plotting, a PT found itself in the starshell bloom. This attracted 4" shells. First
blood, the PT is shattered. This was one of two only boats with torpedoes. The other two
were gunboats only. The PT capt realizing he was the only one capable does a Hollywood
and goes straight at the DD for a torpedo attack. He launches 4 torpedoes at very
minimum range. The quad 25mm guns lay waste to the PT.
Tension was high when it was time to roll the dice. Out of 4 torpedoes....2 miss! The
PT capt rolls for potential damage........both DUDS!! The Japanese sailors breath sigh!
The remaining 2 PT gunboats finish sinking the barges as well as T-51. One last turn
was made to see if they both escape. They did, one boat was shot up very badly, one
only minor.A minor US victory, the barges sunk at a cost of 2 PTs and 1 heavily
damaged. Later it was determined by intelligence "Rice Petal" was cases of sake for
 the admiral. (which he won't recieve).

The top picture shows two (ok, they are unpainted) shooting at the barges. The PT  boat
withing the starshell that has the oil slick is the remains of one. The lower pic is the
Japanese DD (Tamiya 1/700 model). Yes I apoligize, I have always been prepared
with my games but work sucked away the time and energy. None the less all players
had fun. Of the 5 players, 4 were repeat players.
Photos are from Mike on Flikr. Thanks!