22 November 2011

Table Talk

Have you notice the large amount of WW2 Skirmish rules lately:
Iron Ivan Games: Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers
                           Disposable Heroes: Point Blank
Crusader Publishing: Rate of Fire
Great Escape Games: Rules of Engagement
Warhammer Historical: Kampfgruppe Normandy
Britton Publishers: Final Combat
Two Hour Games: Nuts!
TooFatLardies: I Ain't Been Shot Mum
Buck Surdu: Look Sarge, No Charts
Guts 'N Glory
Osprey: Force on Force (WW2 version)
Seems all rules are cyclic in nature. I have read many reviews on some.
So which one is good: both all and none. Generally I think if the players
"feel" it realistic yet somewhat playable, it will be enjoyed. I have probably
missed some rules. It comes down to what "I" am comfortable with to
host. It's like me hosting C21 Air War with modern CY6 available.
I have thought of doing a review myself on various sets of rules I own.
Finally taking time off this week. Hope to get something hobby wise done:
C21 Air War: prep&paint planes for China vs. Taiwan scenario
Flaklighter 1/600 PT boats: paint the Pac boats
K46 1/300 WW2 Air: Put together the first 2 scenarios for play.
SBG 1/6000 Modern naval: Paint some ships.
Ok, this all won't happen this week, nice thought though. I do plan to host
a game at Battle at the Crossroads in Feb12.


  1. Jim,

    What do you think about SBG? I have it but never tried it. It looked a bit like Shipwreck.

  2. DH for me anyday. Just so simple and fun. That's all I want.