14 March 2012

C21 Air War Turn

I made a very crude yet playable turn marker for C21. Since I use circular bases
it was easy to make. I glued the drawn template atop a piece of cardboard.

Just put the marker and turn to the turning rate. Simple. I have an idea for
square bases, soon to follow. I have considered building the "In Harms
Way" scenario from Larry's Game Room website (I think now gone). Recent
decline in local and convention players dampens that idea.

I have ordered some N.Korean ships from PT Dockyard for Dave S. scenario
in the Naval Gazing website.

11 March 2012

1/600 Fleet

Ready for any scenario in the upcoming game day. You have to
love large popsicle stick bases: cheap $$, large quantity, and
scalable in length to whatever ship you want. The white half
circles at the base front is the ship's ID. I still have probems
which is which.

08 March 2012

C21 Support

I reflected on the last game on how to improve. I am going to plan and make a 2 d6 stand
that will be magnetic (sticks to fender washer base). This will hold one die for the planes
speed, the other will be the special manuever die. I am going to make it out of plastic sheets.
I like the table top less cluttered.

Second is my adventure using a hex system for the C21 rules. I had to be "loose" on the
turns due to granularity of C21 )15deg turns to a 60deg hexside. If I do I'll make a turning
gauge, more to follow.

Third, the playing mat. Not a photo realistic terrain at 15,000ft but something that won't
be too visually cluttered. It will have both painted terrain and modular terrain to add giving
it a slight 3D affect.

04 March 2012

Perry Under Fire

Since the scenario didn't happen, I can show how it could have happened.

This shows the 1/700 Perry, splash markers, previous splash markers, and a big
fire marker.

C21 and Cincycon

Well after a long dry spell I got back into it. The Dayton Ohio convention
Cincycon was yeld recently. I hosted Dave S. (Naval Gazing) Taiwan vs.
China scenario. My daughter even helped...

After a 2 hour drive I arrived and setup the scenario....

 ....to find the first 20min no one had signed up to play. I was lucky a fellow
gamer Jim Yencer happened to arrive and wanted to play. The scenario
therefore was scrapped and I turned it into a game I could play in. I pitted
3 Chinese J-8, and 1 Su-27 vs. 2 Taiwanese Mirage 2000, and 2 Ching-Kuo.

This shows the bases, missile markers, manuever cubes, and speed chits. The
furball came down to the duel of...

(okay its a F16, I proxied it). All pilots were average. I also decreased the special
manuever DR #s, I felt they were a bit too high. The plane data cards I made
has 4 planes with all applicable data in a 8x5in layout. This reduces tabletop paperwork.
I used the free download program Page Plus by Serif. I converted the game to
hexes awhile ago.

Overall this scenario made me rethink things. I typically run Vietnam scenarios where
the planes were running around at 6-8 (hexes). This one average was 13. I forgot
ECM and the effects on missile locks. Plus with aircraft with average High to Extreme
maneuverability, I have to rework the hex equivalent.

This game allowed me to (finally) play and brush off the rust. Will I run more C21 games?
Maybe. A gamer from the St. Louis area Ray Runge hosted about 6 C21 games at
Origins last year. He said only 1 game had players.

I will be hosting another 1/600 naval game at the Pro or Con event in Michigin soon.