08 March 2012

C21 Support

I reflected on the last game on how to improve. I am going to plan and make a 2 d6 stand
that will be magnetic (sticks to fender washer base). This will hold one die for the planes
speed, the other will be the special manuever die. I am going to make it out of plastic sheets.
I like the table top less cluttered.

Second is my adventure using a hex system for the C21 rules. I had to be "loose" on the
turns due to granularity of C21 )15deg turns to a 60deg hexside. If I do I'll make a turning
gauge, more to follow.

Third, the playing mat. Not a photo realistic terrain at 15,000ft but something that won't
be too visually cluttered. It will have both painted terrain and modular terrain to add giving
it a slight 3D affect.


  1. A friend of mine suggested making a small dial with the turn arcs on them. The bases for my planes are clear LEGO disks. He suggests putting a hatch on the clear disk to indicate the direction of the plane. The dial would be under the base. To make a turn, you would rotate the disk according to the turn. and then move in that direction. I guess you'd have to realign the dial once moved.

  2. Thanks Chris, good idea. I stumbled over Corsec Eng.
    website that shows how they did the dice holders! Due
    to I need them for a particular size I will have to
    construct them.