26 February 2011

C21 and Cincycon

I will be hosting another C21 Vietnam air strike scenario at CincyCon:
http://cincycon.org/ on 19 March.
The start time is 11:30am (although the website still reads 3pm)

21 February 2011

Flaklighter II Scenario

I also ran a 1/600 coastal scenario. This was a put together that was based on
the number of players at 4pm. I didn't take pictures but Jeff R. did, the link is below.

A force of Vospers, Fairmiles, and Grey Goose went against Siebel ferries,
S-boats, and a trawler. Due to a lucky golden bullet the gasoline drums on a ferry
exploded. The Grey goose got shot up but still fighting. Still had to tweek my
hex based rules though on certain issues.

Yes, running 2 events is a bit tiring at the end of the day, especially with a 2 hour
drive back home. My congrats to Jeff for a great game day!

Battle at the Crossroads

Jeff provided a link to the day's games.


C21 Air War

Played the C21 Vietnam air strike scenario at Battle at the Crossroads. The USN
forces were:

x2 F-4 (MigCap)
x2 A-4 (Iron Hand w/Shrikes)
x2 A-4 (SEAD w/cluster bombs & zuni's)
x4 A-4 (strike with 500lb bombs)

The defender (me) had 6 potential targets to protect. Once I placed my AAA
sites (37,57,85, and 100mm guns) the USN player rolled to see which one
he was actually targeting. The first picture shows the layout, even with low

Picture 2 shows the SAM site firing the same time the Shrikes launch. Both
built by ACME, missing badly.

 Picture 3 shows 2 Iron Hand A-4s making a bomb run on the SAM site. They
fired 4 Shrikes, of which only 1 hit. Although damaged still operational. During
their attack run one of the MigCap F-4s felt very froggy and zoomed in between
the SAM site and the Iron Hand guys. Alot of cursing was in the radio chatter. As
well as a missed SAM radar lockon. Lucky times for the foolish. Flak filled the

Picture 3 shows the SAM shooting at the stirke A-4s. It rattled on so badly he
missed the factory.

Picture 4 shows the outbound strike A-4s after the last aircraft's bomb load
succeeds and destroys the factory. (just enough). Photo also shows a
F-4 pilot's parachute. Guess the foolish did pay (85mm).

To add to the level of AA fire I rolled a d20 after a certain point on the map for
each aircraft. If a "20" is rolled the a/c takes a d4 damage. This represents
the volume of 22mm and lower gunfire randomly fired in the air. This also
reduces the number of counters on the table.

USN lost 1 F-4, x3 planes damaged. I lost the factory, but there is another day.

13 February 2011

Table Talk

I will be heading to "Battle at the Crossroads" in Cambridge OH next weekend.
I start off with the C21 Air war game-Vietnam air strike. The second game
will be Flaklighter II (mod). The scenario is very fluid, it will depend upon how
many people want to play. Pictures to follow.

Next month I run a Pac scenario for Flaklighter. Dave S. is kind enough for me
to use his Chinese vs. Taiwan C21 scenario.  This will probably be done in May.

I have an Adriatic Flaklighter scenario brewing.

05 February 2011

Kaiju Kaos

Played a game of Kaiju Kaos, a playtest set of rules by Bryan Borgman.
The website is: http://www.baileyrecords.com/kaijukaos.html

The Battlefield
The battle heats up, the noodle shop was saved though!
 The battle raged with Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla and Gigan. Mecha Godzilla
was the winner this day. We played this scenario at Pakrat Comics in
Hilliard, OH. A good set of rules that has the flavor of Kaiju battles. Bryan
has the rules and a miniature line in the works.