08 September 2013

Views of: Bolt Action game, I was Marines; All Things Zombie; Gutshot, Western game; Dropzone Commander; Dr. Who--Damn those rocketmen! All games run at charity event Battlefield of Dice

01 September 2013

General Comments

Wow, March? I have a nice lull in work travel in a few months. I have not picked up a paint brush since then. I recently hosted 2 games at Battlefield of Dice game day in Massillon Ohio. This was the first time for this game day, adding to it was 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. There were ACW, Western, Zombie, WW2, Sci Fi games available. Alas only a very few players showed up. Since I had no players, I gamed in a Bolt Action Pacific and Dr. Who game. Both of which I never gamed. I had a great time, I hope the player base increases. The two games I supported with were Flaklighter II and Kamikaze 1946. I realize since CY6 came about, my Air War C21 and K46 rules have had very little interest. One game I participated in was a Dr. Who scenario. I had FUN. Even though the dice gods were angry with me, it was enjoyable. It made me think of putting a fun game vice "historical/modern" versed. I have thought about a Godzilla type game. Oh now, who doesn't remember the old Godzilla movies when we were younger? Suprisingly, there are quite a few rules out there. The other set is "It came from Beyond the Still" rules. You have to love the title. Hillbillies vs. Aliens can spark some creative scenarios.