26 December 2012

Naval Ships

A post a long time coming...

I ordered Panzerschiffe WW2 ships and dressed them up. I found at the
1/2400 scale, I don't need super detail nor the price that goes with it.
I recently purchased Naval Thunder and put together ships for the first
Guadacanal scenario.

The bases are large craft popsicle sticks. I love using them! You can easily
cut to your specs and low in cost. The rounded edge is perfect for showing
direction of a ship. I use them also for my 1/600-700 naval ships.

I added styrene rods for towers. I added artist matte medium to simulate the
ocean waves. I may add 1/2400 scale sea planes. I also added several layers
of gloss medium to the base. The bottom of the base I glued a Wargames
Accessories 1/2 x 1/2" metal base so I can add it to my magnetic lined box.

I am experimenting with shell splashes. Will post later.


23 June 2012


Well I never made it to DieCon to host a C21 game and play in one and a Luft46 game.
Even though this was planned 2 months ago, it took only last Friday to screw it all up!

Looks like I will attend ATC in Sep. I "plan" to host a 1/700 modern N/S Korean scenario.
It is based on Dave S. of Naval Gazing blog using Bulldogs Away rules.

Can you believe it's almost July!!!?

10 June 2012

The Better Half

Oh that is so good on many levels

03 June 2012

Air War C21

With the upcoming C21 game I finished the flight stands.

The base has a holder for 2 dice, one is the maneuver and the other is the speed.
IMHO it reduces table clutter. In other rules the telescopic antenna shows the
altitude band.

If the special maneuver is blown, it's replaced with a red die so speed can be adjusted later.
i.e. reminder

I have been looking at AAA flak bursts:

It's a wooden hex base, with Christmas wire as the support, and filler as the explosion

I got very geeky and was tinkering with tracer fire:

Work in progress

And for a comparison of 1/300 scale Mig-17, A-4 and a B-52:

Yes, it's a lead B-52 miniature. Heavy...yeah...

Tinkered with some house rules for C21:

Pilot wounded +1 for manuevers DR (difficulty rating)
Crippled aircraft +1 for manuever DR
Added minimum range for SA-2, also only used in "high" altitude
Split-S and Immelmann maneuvers only go reverse direction vice any direction
Unload manuever DR lowered by 1

14 April 2012

Barracks Battles

Planning on hosting an Air War C21 game at Barrack Battles in June at Collinsville IL.
I may also host a 1/600 Flaklighter game. I plan to play in the Luft46 and a C21 game.
Booked the hotel and bringing the family.

08 April 2012

Table Talk

The 1/600 English Channel game at Pro or Con was a success. I had 4 players with
a variety of onlookers. My thanks to players who attended.

I just arrived from a weeks worth of business training and family vacation to
West Palm Beach Florida. It was indeed nice but the drive was looong= 2600 miles.

The next local gaming con is Drums at the Rapids in Perrysburgh OH on 19 May.
This is also the same day as my wedding anniversary.........I know you guys had
a quick thought of "maybe I can"......yeah right.

14 March 2012

C21 Air War Turn

I made a very crude yet playable turn marker for C21. Since I use circular bases
it was easy to make. I glued the drawn template atop a piece of cardboard.

Just put the marker and turn to the turning rate. Simple. I have an idea for
square bases, soon to follow. I have considered building the "In Harms
Way" scenario from Larry's Game Room website (I think now gone). Recent
decline in local and convention players dampens that idea.

I have ordered some N.Korean ships from PT Dockyard for Dave S. scenario
in the Naval Gazing website.

11 March 2012

1/600 Fleet

Ready for any scenario in the upcoming game day. You have to
love large popsicle stick bases: cheap $$, large quantity, and
scalable in length to whatever ship you want. The white half
circles at the base front is the ship's ID. I still have probems
which is which.

08 March 2012

C21 Support

I reflected on the last game on how to improve. I am going to plan and make a 2 d6 stand
that will be magnetic (sticks to fender washer base). This will hold one die for the planes
speed, the other will be the special manuever die. I am going to make it out of plastic sheets.
I like the table top less cluttered.

Second is my adventure using a hex system for the C21 rules. I had to be "loose" on the
turns due to granularity of C21 )15deg turns to a 60deg hexside. If I do I'll make a turning
gauge, more to follow.

Third, the playing mat. Not a photo realistic terrain at 15,000ft but something that won't
be too visually cluttered. It will have both painted terrain and modular terrain to add giving
it a slight 3D affect.

04 March 2012

Perry Under Fire

Since the scenario didn't happen, I can show how it could have happened.

This shows the 1/700 Perry, splash markers, previous splash markers, and a big
fire marker.

C21 and Cincycon

Well after a long dry spell I got back into it. The Dayton Ohio convention
Cincycon was yeld recently. I hosted Dave S. (Naval Gazing) Taiwan vs.
China scenario. My daughter even helped...

After a 2 hour drive I arrived and setup the scenario....

 ....to find the first 20min no one had signed up to play. I was lucky a fellow
gamer Jim Yencer happened to arrive and wanted to play. The scenario
therefore was scrapped and I turned it into a game I could play in. I pitted
3 Chinese J-8, and 1 Su-27 vs. 2 Taiwanese Mirage 2000, and 2 Ching-Kuo.

This shows the bases, missile markers, manuever cubes, and speed chits. The
furball came down to the duel of...

(okay its a F16, I proxied it). All pilots were average. I also decreased the special
manuever DR #s, I felt they were a bit too high. The plane data cards I made
has 4 planes with all applicable data in a 8x5in layout. This reduces tabletop paperwork.
I used the free download program Page Plus by Serif. I converted the game to
hexes awhile ago.

Overall this scenario made me rethink things. I typically run Vietnam scenarios where
the planes were running around at 6-8 (hexes). This one average was 13. I forgot
ECM and the effects on missile locks. Plus with aircraft with average High to Extreme
maneuverability, I have to rework the hex equivalent.

This game allowed me to (finally) play and brush off the rust. Will I run more C21 games?
Maybe. A gamer from the St. Louis area Ray Runge hosted about 6 C21 games at
Origins last year. He said only 1 game had players.

I will be hosting another 1/600 naval game at the Pro or Con event in Michigin soon.