26 December 2012

Naval Ships

A post a long time coming...

I ordered Panzerschiffe WW2 ships and dressed them up. I found at the
1/2400 scale, I don't need super detail nor the price that goes with it.
I recently purchased Naval Thunder and put together ships for the first
Guadacanal scenario.

The bases are large craft popsicle sticks. I love using them! You can easily
cut to your specs and low in cost. The rounded edge is perfect for showing
direction of a ship. I use them also for my 1/600-700 naval ships.

I added styrene rods for towers. I added artist matte medium to simulate the
ocean waves. I may add 1/2400 scale sea planes. I also added several layers
of gloss medium to the base. The bottom of the base I glued a Wargames
Accessories 1/2 x 1/2" metal base so I can add it to my magnetic lined box.

I am experimenting with shell splashes. Will post later.