07 April 2015

C21 Air War Vietnam Defense

Finished the AA hexes representing 37mm and greater. With a few more 1/300 planes
to order I will be complete with this range.

The larger bases are 1.5" Litko with MSD games AA base hexes. The guns are
various 1/300 Heroics and Ross AA guns.

05 April 2015

C21 Air War Vietnam

Slowly getting things done.

 MSD Games Target Terrain, although only 1in, I placed them on a Litko 1.5in

I used MSD Games Target Terrain, although only a 1" hex, I placed
them onto a 1.5" Litko hex.

A "jungle" hex. I purchased the Litko 1.5" hex mat that you spray paint
and the hex line holes leaves a pattern. The problem is after the first spray
it cover up the clear sheet so you cannot see underneath anymore.
The base is a scrubby pad with flock atop. Yeah its fluff but I will have the
NVAF player use it as a table reference for hidden AAA sites.

Finishing on my a/c base stands to accommodate the 2 die holder.
I upgraded with I-94's spherical magnet.