15 November 2014

More Jungle Stuff

Little work this weekend, I have a flight to CA tomorrow. Here are pics of updates:

Once I figured (or stumbled) upon a jungle floor cover look, it was easy to continue
the process.

I experimented on adding leaves to the jungle tree tops. I don't like this look. oh well....
I plan my terrain goals in 3 months periods. By year's end I will have all my jungle tree
3 and single stands done, as well as the fields.

The next adventure is making a terrain cloth. Found great ideas via the web.

Next is switching gears to do Normandy. I have a lot of tree stands there to do. A lot of
K&M trees as well as Woodland Scenics.

01 November 2014

Jungle ground cover

I decided upon a 'format' for my jungle ground clutter. Within the areas near the base of
either the palm or jungle trees I lay a thick floor of kitchen seasoning. Surrounding this
plainly a mixing of whatever terrain flock I have. This ranges from static grass to Spanish moss.

I think for a lot of terrain building, once you have a certain assembly line technique, you
can produce a lot. Once I get all my palm and jungle tree stands done, next is painting
the synthetic fur for fields.