23 June 2012


Well I never made it to DieCon to host a C21 game and play in one and a Luft46 game.
Even though this was planned 2 months ago, it took only last Friday to screw it all up!

Looks like I will attend ATC in Sep. I "plan" to host a 1/700 modern N/S Korean scenario.
It is based on Dave S. of Naval Gazing blog using Bulldogs Away rules.

Can you believe it's almost July!!!?

10 June 2012

The Better Half

Oh that is so good on many levels

03 June 2012

Air War C21

With the upcoming C21 game I finished the flight stands.

The base has a holder for 2 dice, one is the maneuver and the other is the speed.
IMHO it reduces table clutter. In other rules the telescopic antenna shows the
altitude band.

If the special maneuver is blown, it's replaced with a red die so speed can be adjusted later.
i.e. reminder

I have been looking at AAA flak bursts:

It's a wooden hex base, with Christmas wire as the support, and filler as the explosion

I got very geeky and was tinkering with tracer fire:

Work in progress

And for a comparison of 1/300 scale Mig-17, A-4 and a B-52:

Yes, it's a lead B-52 miniature. Heavy...yeah...

Tinkered with some house rules for C21:

Pilot wounded +1 for manuevers DR (difficulty rating)
Crippled aircraft +1 for manuever DR
Added minimum range for SA-2, also only used in "high" altitude
Split-S and Immelmann maneuvers only go reverse direction vice any direction
Unload manuever DR lowered by 1