27 September 2014

More Jungle Stuff

I tried to simulate rows of cane fields. You can see the base of the mat, which I painted
brown to break the green pattern.

Here is my version of large jungle trees. Woodland scenics trees with the lower
branches snipped off. Furnace filter atop. Work in progress.
 Close up of the undergrowth. I used a variety of plastic aquarium plants.

In tandem with my planned village, they have to have crops. The banana trees are the
Pegasus plastic line. They are nice but the leaves are "fiddly".

Palm tree stand and small hill in progress. The tree stands I use from Renaissance Ink
website. Work in progress. Trying to get the "right" jungle floor scatter.

It is surprising what can be done with a few hours a weekend. Of course that takes

Rules I have learned in terrain making:
1. Don't rush
2. Don't do too much at once or you get burnt out
3. Look at a lot of terrain pictures to get a "feel" for it
4. Use the internet, there are ALOT of great ideas out there


  1. Jim,
    Your jungle terrain looks pretty good. What is that material that you use for the cane fields?

  2. Hello Chris,
    I used from the company Ashland Classic Greenery at Michaels. I happen to walk into the 50% off sale. I bought much of my jungle scenery via Amazon and eBay. Every Sunday I always get the flyers with either Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics for 1 item sale 50% off. LOL, I shop when I
    am on travel.