26 October 2014

More Jungle Terrain

A little more work with the Jungle trees.
I use Woodland Scenics Tree Armatures 5-7" TR1123, a heavy pair of snippers,
a good sized metal file, and sand paper
I snip off enough branches for a 'tall jungle tree". 

Sand of the stubs with the file and sandpaper.
Then twist the tree armature. I used furnace filter which I sprayed with black undercoat.
Then a spray of green.
the website look resin, Jay has switched to plywood. I tease out the painted furnace filter
and with glue attach the filter. I do paint the tree trunks a dark grey, with lighter gray
dry brushing. 

Here is a collection of super market spices. I am doing an age test of how long it takes
them to turn brown. Many pictures of a jungle floor shows fallen decaying leaves. At a
certain point I will hit them with a good coat of spray sealer. Any yes it smells very nice.
My assembly line. I only get about 4-5 hours a weekend to work on these, but I have time.

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