27 September 2014

Jungle Terrain

My work schedule has me traveling Mon to Fri every week. This makes gaming very slow. Over the months I focused on jungle related terrain. My first goal was to make enough to cover a 4x8' table.

I tried to use terrain that has the right height for a 28mm figure. This is a variety of
aquarium plastic mat plants, various size palm trees, and synthetic fur. I used the
idea from a website about using the mat holder as the base. I made individual tree
stands to break the "clear" look of a field. The fur comes in a tan color yet after
review a lot of Pacific island pictures, they are more greenish. Yet I do like the color
contract. Each plant stand has been highlighted with a green/yellow to break the
monotony of the same color. I visit Michaels, Jo-ann's craft store a lot for terrain.
Next step is to finish the palm tree stands. More photos to follow.

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