26 March 2011

Flaklighter II Game

I hosted a Flalklighter II game at "Battlefields" in Dearborn MI. It started off bad
because at 9am (start time) no one had signed up. At around 9:15 I'm groaning
about the 3 hour drive. I was saved by 3 players who walked by and wanted to

The pic shows 2 S-boats lining up for a torp shot against the Brit Corvette. The
lone upper e-boats feels very lonely with 3 Brits firing at him.

The pic shows out of 4 torps fired, one hit the Corvette. Of course it went underneath
the Vosper to do it!  The Corvette crew manned life boats

The pic shows the end result of me imposing  pre plotting movement. The hexes
with arrows is my way of easy plotting. The arrow points towards the direction at
the end of movement. The corvette although hit still had forward momentum.

This pic shows a Brit tailing a Siebel ferry. It got lucky and silenced the quad
20mm. The oil slick is what is left of a 70' Vosper that tried to attack the
Trawler. The 88mm gun took care of it, making an oil slick. Also the torpedo
track barely missed the Trawler. Cheers from the crew! But it has 2
Fairmiles going after it now.

This busy pic shows:

1. A Fairmile getting hit was an e-boat torpedo
2. A Vosper who lost the bridge and collided with the Seibel Ferry
3. Another Fairmile colliding with the Trawler.

End result:

1. The Fairmile was obliterated
2. The Vosper made many toothpicks, the ferry was hurt very badly
3. The Fairmile was sunk, the trawler needed more paint! This happened
    due to a steering hit.

The Fairmile D attacked the wounded Ferry (which had 3 flooding hits).
It came down to see whether the crew could stop the flooding. German
naval training saved her, it was saved by only 2 points.

The game was called, a bloody nose for the British although ALOT of battle
damaged German ships. Good game.


Well you all read about my missing A-4 plane at Cincycon. Well it must
be a full moon. I had set up a flee market at the con. Unfortunately it
was out of eye shot of me. (I relied on player honesty). It didn't work
this time. Someone had stolen the TSR game rules "Tractics". For those
who have been around the block, all know how much that could be
sold. I would have sold it for $20-30, thats what burns me.  Lets hope in
May when I host my Pacific PT boat game nothing happens. Damn
full moon.

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