19 March 2011

CincyCon C21 Game

I hosted the C21 Vietnam USN strike game. The new facility was great. The
only bad thing was just after setting up I had all the planes out on the table.
(eye candy). I was not even 10ft away talking with a vendor when I looked back
and one of the A-4s went MIA. Luckily I had an extra to cover.

I apoligize to the person who pre-registered for my game for 3pm. The time was
changed to 11:30a but was never updated on the website.

I played the Vietnamese player with 2 players as the USN. The Iron Hand flight
once again took all missiles to take out the SAM radar. The SEAD flight was
talented in taking out 3 AA guns, but the fourth cost them an A-4. The strike A-4s
flew in and released, of the 4 only 2 hit the mark. End result the target was 60%
damaged. So far in this "living" scenario the USN is 1 for 2 in completing the

My only concern is the less and less players I am getting. I will have to change
the scenario to other parts of the world to keep it fresh.


  1. Sorry to hear about the missing A-4.

    I'm a little surprised that people are getting tired of the scenario. It didn't seem like you had run it that often and there seems to be some variability in the scenario. Maybe you should invest in some USAF Vietnam aircraft to mix things up a bit.


  2. So, someone stole one of your airplanes? That stinks!

  3. Thanks about the MIA plane, oh it gets better.
    Read my new post.

    I think the main problem of players was I was
    scheduled on the website to start at 3pm. That
    was changed to 11:30a, but it never was revised
    on the website nor on the PEL.