30 April 2011

Flaklighter II scenario

How life slows down the hobby world! Now that I need a small bank loan to fill
the car, the hobby really takes a back seat!

I am putting together the Pacific isle scenario for Drums at Fort Meigs game day.
This will be the first time I've run a Pac game. This time I HAVE to use hidden
movement. I will be using ships form PT Dockyard and Dave's Flaklighter II rules
modified for hexes.

Torpedo movement was a problem in a "60°" hex world. So the gaming
group brain stormed alot and decided If we hexes for
ship movement, then why not use a torpedo hex move all its own.

The pic shows the red lines indicating 60° is the launch envelope.
The hex rules is for the torpedo move. The first 2 hexes are for
the torpedo arming distance. If any part of the torp ruler hex is in
a ship hex, then you have a hit.

The next brain storm was plotting movement. My last game I had the players put
"arrow" hexes to show the vessel direction at the end of the move. They placed
it for the current and next turn. The pics of the game show it was TOO much
table clutter. So I thought this:

This card shows the pic of the vessel with 2 place holders for the end of move arrow.
The wooden hexes (Litko) hides them till its turn. It's easy plotting and keeps the
table clear. Since the detection phase is prior to the move phase, if it detects an enemy
it can change orders. I have not firmly decided on the present or the both turns. Since
the turn is only 30 sec, I'm on the fence. I want to keep the pre plotting, it makes the
players forward think of where they will be. The last game we had 3 collisions, 2 of them
was with vessels who where going straight for many moves.

Being a Pac game, ship grounding is VERY high on the danger list.

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