14 January 2011

Table Talk

For those of you that goto gaming cons, what game do you play?

1. Learn rules you bought that has not been used?
2. Play the period you like?
3. Learn a new set of rules?
4. Don't matter, I wanna push lead!
5. Play a game you always host, yet never get to play.
6. Play what I already play
7. Boy, that looks fun!
8. Experience a new period?
9. The one with the knockout terrain and minis?
10. The one that your friend/gaming group is hosting?
11. Anything but the "flavor of the year"
12. Any other game that's not hosting by him/her!

Things I was thinking about. I try to host games that I like and scenarios that you locally
don't see alot of. I love going to cons and just looking at all the games. I always say
"now that's a great idea" for something.


  1. I would say number 3 and 7.

    But, I'm with you. When I regularly went to cons, back in days long gone, I often just enjoyed watching games. It helped me to see how various rules are used without having to play through an entire game.

  2. Most of the time I probably go in the order of 2, 3, 10, and 7.

    I usually host a lot of games and don't get much of a chance to play. But I do like to watch other games too and there games I wil avoid because of who is hosting.