03 January 2011

Table Talk

Ok, its 2011 and what to do.

1. Round out 1/600 Coastal scenarios for Pac, Med, Channel, and even Baltic.
    Rules: Flaklighter II mod
2. Finish the 1/300 Vietnam air field
    Rules: C21 Air War mod
3. Make a scenario for 1/700 modern naval
    Rules: Bulldogs Away (thanks Dave S.)
4. Slooowly work on 1/300 Ploesti project
    Rules: Squadron series (thanks Tom S.)
5. Put together miniatures/terrain for Normandy Jun-Aug 44' in 10mm
    Rules: BKC II (need to play to learn)
6. Finish 1/300 Falkland scenario
    Rules C21 Air War mod

And "maybe" do:

1. 3-Muskeeters bar scenario in 40mm
    Rules: Swashbuckler
2. Scenario for Normandy in 20mm
    Rules: I don't know, alot of new ones out there to try.

Of course all of this is set in warm jello.

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