01 January 2011

Flaklighter Game

The game went very well. Jim and Joe (IHOG group) came down from Lima.

Jim 'Gotta stay away from that damned 88 gun"

Fairmiles and Eboats buzzing around!
A torpedo wake is traveling towards
the far VP Trawler.

It took 4 Brit torpedoes to take down the German VP trawler. Three duds!
The Vosper (after losing the bridge) rammed the VP. Vosper sank, VP
needed paint. Alot of steering damage and lucky hits.  Many boats were
over 50% damaged. Overall it was a small German victory, we didn't
sink the Siebel Ferrys. One sunk Trawler to 3 Brit MTBs sunk.

We are refining the hex version of the rules. Detection is a major part
yet major playing problem.


  1. it looks like this was a fun game. I was wondering why you wanted to convert the rules to hexes? Also, is that a Hotz mat or did you get it somewhere else?


  2. Couple reasons Dave IMHO:
    1. A bit easier to handle hidden movement (still
    need to work that out, very very busy for me
    as the ref, but rewarding overall.
    2. I noticed gamers in general like naval and
    air games with hexes. Easier to know "how to
    move" or estimating ranges.
    3. Eliminates figiting of degree or range
    4. Allows a degree of fluid movement in a IGYG
    game. My hexes are roughly 75yds so within
    that "bubble" I don't need to be exact. Kinda
    my wiggle room.

    But yes, I don't mind playing on a regular table.

    Yes, its a Hotz mat. I like the quality.

    thanks! Jim