17 November 2010

Table Talk

The HMGS-MW Spring 2010 newsletter had a good article on "How to run a
convention Game". For players and refs it has many good points. The better
point is "How to put a muzzle on jerks". Oh we have all seen that. I would like
to see an article on "How to play a convention Game". IMHO if you play a game,
whether you liked it or not, thank the host. It's obvious if you liked it. If you didn't
then thank him for hosting the game then say "Maybe you can do this next time,
or I noticed some problems here". Always tell him after a game and make it
constructive. Alot of gamers don't step up to the plate and host a game. I put
alot of prep in a game, I do miss things though.

Speaking of hosting games, I "plan" to goto:

1. Spartacon-Jan
2. Crossroads-Feb
3. Cincycon-Mar
4. Battlefields-Mar

I will host my 1/600 Coastal warfare, 1/300 Modern Air Vietnam and Falklands.
Maybe I can get the WW2 air game going with Luft '46. Yes, I know alot of people
play CY6, but I like the rules. I looked at the modern version, I enjoy C21. Rule
#1: If your comfortable with the rules, then stick with them. If others don't like
it, ok.

I am "officially" starting a 40mm Three Musketeers game. I saw on the UK site:
http://www.hornchurchwgc.co.uk/index.html an excellent eye candy game. Made me
go and buy the 4 Musketeers DVD (Raquel Welch).....really the swordplay......
Yes, yes shiny penny, I'm a gamer. Eureka Miniatures has them, but the $15
air freight is hefty.

My local hobby info'd me I can buy their last copy of GW Space Hulk. Whaaat
you say!? I normally don't play nor buy GW (only have 1 job), but the content
is something I have always liked...space bugs. Loved Starship Troopers till
it disappeared. Funny though, of the many people who bought the box, NO
one has hosted it at the store. Hmmm

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