18 November 2010

Flight Game Fluff

I love tabletop markers that are suited for the game. IMHO it brings a bit of
visual appeal ie. eye candy to the game.
Photo redone with new camera.
Various C21 Markers
My flight games markers:
Missile flight marker
Engine damage marker
SAM launch
SAM Explosion

The cloud is a plastic sheet base with cotton balls then the fluffy
filler stuff atop. A wooden dowel is the peg to a fender washer.

The missile marker is an alligator clip attached to a pipe cleaner with a CinC
1/285 missile. I did find later: http://www.fightsonstore.com/ who sells alot of
cool things.

The engine damage is an alligator clip with furnace filter

The parachute is a plastic cap (work related) atop wire to an old GW flight stand.

SAM launch is a fender washer with a slotted hex, attached with pipe cleaner to
another CinC SA-N-2 miniature.

SAM Explosion is all the same except for painted furnace filter.

The main reason I goto conventions is to see how other's make/do things, terrain
especially. I have no problems in showing people how I do things, I have rarely
met a person who kept their ideas a "state secret". A superb website for ideas
things to make you go WOW is:
Don't you wish those convention were within driving distance?? I'd get divorced....

My next BIG flight game project is to make a painted mat with a hex imprint. A good
example is: http://ilovewargameing.21.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2091 and
http://www.metroeastgaming.org/hex.htm on how to make your own hexex.

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