16 November 2010

C21 Update

Litko stand with Manvr cubes.
Barrel Roll, (Failed) Split S

The pic shows my 1/300 scale A-4 atop a Litko
flight stand. The flight stand was a "WoW Dual

Fire Arc Basesmodified for the 15°, 30°, and
90° arcs.

This was for the table top play, for hex I thought it
was not practical but it works. Ok, a little overhang
as you can see. (Sorry for the bad pic, my good
camera met my 3yr old and lost badly). The peg is
4" tall. The die cubes are the special manuevers in
the game. I put all the manuevers on 2 cubes.

When time the player only puts the cube on the flight stand.
Why the red one?

That's when they fail the manuever, speed changed due to manvr are done at
the end of the turn sequence. Kinda a visual reminder. I bought blank white dice
and printed the Manvr on printer labels and cut to size.

The mini is attached to the peg via a "rare earth" magnet. They do work well.



  1. Very nice! Sure beats all the little paper chits I made for C21.

  2. I initially did the paper chits but found they really cluttered the table. You will need 2 dice for the 10 manuevers. There are 8, but I added
    "Low" altitude and "Dummy" (for regular movement). I am also experimenting with the DR for the special manuevers. I have lowered the ratings a bit. Seems a bit too high. Of course by adding in Pilot experience you can jocky the numbers around. But the lowest is "2", rolling a "1" is the oops factor.