24 February 2013

Bulldogs Away

  Yesterday we had a Bulldogs away game using Dave S. N.Korean scenario on
the Naval Gazing blog. It was mainly a learning game and playtest for the upcoming
convention game at CincyCon 2013.
  The NK sub sank a vessel but was sunk by the helo. Two more SK vessels sank
due to gunfire. Due to interesting damage rolls I had sunk only 1 of 8 NK vessels
but wiped out all weapons/speed capability on 5 others.
  The variable damage levels are neat. The detection rules are good, somewhat
cumbersome initial turns due to large number of counters on table.
I posted on the Yahoo Narrow Seas group for questions on the rules.

I was told one person pre-registered for the game, which is better than the Air
War C21 game last convention.

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