06 January 2013

Modern Naval

I was introduced to "Snapshot", a set of 1/700 based modern ASW rules.
Website at Leeds Wargames Club at: http://snapshotmodernsub.webs.com/

It looks FUN, so I dug out my stash of 1/700 models. I will use the same bases
as my C21 Air War game. First I find the center of gravity, then glue a rare earth
magnet (large) inside. I will use plexiglass rods for the ships since they are at
a static depth. The bases for them will be larger and thicker base washers. Many
1/700 models are cheap. There is an exception though, Combrig models has
many resin ships & subs BUT at a huge price. I plan to add dipping helos, sonobouys,
underwater explosions (geeky yes). In any case it gives me a chance to build
models again.
    Thanks to the Massillon area gamers: http://www.massillonareawargamers.com/  who added to the rules.

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