31 October 2010

Surface Battle Group (SBG)

Modern naval, ok...majority gamers think Harpoon and shy away. SBG
takes this genre and makes it playable. Core rules published by Tornado
Games Corp and downloadable from Wargames Vault. The latest version
is 3.0, which reflects the author (Tom D.)is continously updated/correcting
things. The rules focus on surface engagements but have air/sub rules also.

Rules cover

I am planning to use a hex map and 1/6000
scale miniatures. Miniatures from Figurehead
available from The Last Square. Aircraft I use
the 1/1250 from Cap Aero also available from

Recently the Chinese vessel supplement was

Planned future scenario: Kuril Isle, Soviet vs.
Japanese. The original scenario is based
upon a Wargames Illustrated article ('91
I think?)

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