30 October 2010


PT boat warfare using Flaklighter II rules with 1/600 resin craft.
Miniatures and rules from P.T. Dockyard. Scenario from
Metro East Gaming Assoc. website.

Merchant under gunfire and shell attack, trying to evade.

The picture shows table markers I use for the game. It
represents MG splashes, shell splashes, and post shell
splashes. The "S" wake represents a vessel evading.

I went to hex maps for the ease of movement and
tracking hidden movement. I use 1.5" hex which equals
about 75yds or 4.5kts. The only "fuggy" thing was the
turn rate (based on of course 60° hexside). It comes
down to does it feel right?

Future scenario planned is a Pacific island ambush.

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