18 January 2015

2015 Plans

Last year was a bust for gaming, only twice. This month I played a Chain
of Command game! My "plan" is to have ALL my 1/600 ships based and
painted and ALL my 1/300 Vietnam air planes done by June. Notice the
word "all". I have narrowed my interests to:

28mm: Normandy and Pacific (Bolt Action/Chain of Command)
            Modern Skirmish (Force on Force)
            Japan Skirmish (Ronin)
10mm: Normandy (my new 6mm, not sure on operational rules yet)
6mm:  WW2 Air (Luftwaffe 1946 series)
            Modern Air (C21 Air War, toying with Phantoms)
Naval: 1/600 coastal (Flaklighter II, Action Stations II)
            1/700 modern (Bulldogs Away)
            1/2400 (not sure on rules)

Project: 1/300 Ploesti (Tom Sparhawks game I played years ago, loved it)

Since I only have the weekends, I had to scale down.

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