21 February 2011

C21 Air War

Played the C21 Vietnam air strike scenario at Battle at the Crossroads. The USN
forces were:

x2 F-4 (MigCap)
x2 A-4 (Iron Hand w/Shrikes)
x2 A-4 (SEAD w/cluster bombs & zuni's)
x4 A-4 (strike with 500lb bombs)

The defender (me) had 6 potential targets to protect. Once I placed my AAA
sites (37,57,85, and 100mm guns) the USN player rolled to see which one
he was actually targeting. The first picture shows the layout, even with low

Picture 2 shows the SAM site firing the same time the Shrikes launch. Both
built by ACME, missing badly.

 Picture 3 shows 2 Iron Hand A-4s making a bomb run on the SAM site. They
fired 4 Shrikes, of which only 1 hit. Although damaged still operational. During
their attack run one of the MigCap F-4s felt very froggy and zoomed in between
the SAM site and the Iron Hand guys. Alot of cursing was in the radio chatter. As
well as a missed SAM radar lockon. Lucky times for the foolish. Flak filled the

Picture 3 shows the SAM shooting at the stirke A-4s. It rattled on so badly he
missed the factory.

Picture 4 shows the outbound strike A-4s after the last aircraft's bomb load
succeeds and destroys the factory. (just enough). Photo also shows a
F-4 pilot's parachute. Guess the foolish did pay (85mm).

To add to the level of AA fire I rolled a d20 after a certain point on the map for
each aircraft. If a "20" is rolled the a/c takes a d4 damage. This represents
the volume of 22mm and lower gunfire randomly fired in the air. This also
reduces the number of counters on the table.

USN lost 1 F-4, x3 planes damaged. I lost the factory, but there is another day.

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  1. Cool!
    Where do you even get these things?